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aimless-ostrichi'm Lina, 18. i love the beatles, painting, sombreros, red, supernatural, llamas, queen, drinking, merlin, sleeping, fantasy, massive attack, green, movies, australian animals, Community, sex, queen, karaoke, Tolkien, colorful things, sherlock, social awkwardness, yana, doctor who, old-fashioned hats, photography, star wars, musicals, Spain, socks, deliriums, casey, blue oyster cult, lamps, reggae, lord of the rings, buttons and fornication.

i am one of those people who get amused extremely easily, and I laugh at almost everything, even if it's not that funny.

one day i will have a studio and i will paint every day, all day. preferably in Spain.

speaking of which, i have another blog where i put all of my artwork and sketches and doodles and so on. it's; check it out and follow me if you like it. :)